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The following new and revised Quality Management standards have been developed to strengthen and modernise how assurance practitioners approach quality management.  

The new standards become effective from 15 December 2022, and so assurance practitioners are encouraged to explore the new requirements now and plan-ahead for implementation.

Here you will find:

  • The new and revised Quality Management Standards.
  • Factsheets providing an overview of the new standards.
  • First time implementation guides to assist in your adoption of the new and revised standards.
  • IAASB videos explaining the new standards and initial implementation.
  • A series of IAASB webinars on implementing the new standards.

New Quality Management Standards

Equivalent to International  Standard on Quality Management 1 (ISQM 1)

To help you start thinking and planning for implementing these new standards, we've compiled a playlist of four short explainer clips below: 

Equivalent to International  Standard on Quality Management 2 (ISQM 2)

Amending Standards

Amendments to the Code of Ethics


Implementation Guides


An Overview of the IAASB’s Quality Management Standards (30 mins):

Educational Material

Webinar 1: All You Need to Know about the Firm’s Risk Assessment Process
Watch the recording

Webinar 2: Resources: Expectations for Firms and Engagement Partners
Watch the recording

 Webinar 3: What’s New for Firms’ Monitoring and Remediation Processes
Watch the recording

Webinar 4: Bringing it All Together: Exploring all the Components of a Quality Management System
Watch the recording