Guidelines for External Participants in XRB Online Meetings

Microsoft Teams logoAt XRB we have changed the way in which we meet online and this affects with external participants.

Microsoft Teams now provides us with new ways we can reach you and new ways for you to participate in our meetings online.

This guide will help you to understand how to connect with us online and join a meeting—either if you are unable to physically attend a scheduled meeting or when we hold a virtual meeting involving several external parties connecting online.

These guidelines will help you before joining our meeting as well as give you easy-to-follow instructions on how to join our meeting using the Teams App. 

You might like to check out our useful tips and pointers for online meeting etiquette below.

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It's easy to join XRB online Teams meetings

Here are some useful guidelines for our online meetings, which can differ from meetings you attend in person or other online conferencing applications.

  1. You will have received a meeting invitation from the XRB meeting organiser ahead of time detailing the meeting time and options for joining.  They will also have asked you and so should know ahead of time how you intend to join the online session. 
  2. You can participate in XRB’s Teams meetings, even if you don’t have a Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business account. Use these instructions to get yourself ready for your first meeting.
  3. You have three options for joining the meeting specified on the email meeting invitation:
    • Teams meeting app (plug-in);
    • Web browser—either Edge or Chrome browser on a computer or mobile device; or
    • Telephone/Mobile (audio only).

To join the meeting, do the following:

  • Just before the meeting time, open your Microsoft Teams email meeting invitation, and then click Join Microsoft Teams Meeting at the base of the meeting invitation.

Join meeting

  • In the Welcome screen that opens, you have three options:

Welcome screen

  1. Download the Teams app
  2. Join on the web instead
  3. Launch the Teams app if you already have it

Download the Teams app

  • If you choose to download and install the app, once you open it, you’ll join the meeting automatically. The following screen appears:

Choose audio and camera options

  1. Choose your video and audio settings.
  2. Enter your name (so the other participants know who you are when you connect) and click Join now to join the meeting. 
  3. You’ll join the meeting straightaway (or receive a message that someone in the meeting should let you in soon!)
  4. At any time during the meeting you can mute your camera or microphone.

Join on the web instead

But, if you don’t have time for downloads or can’t download the app, you can enjoy a plugin-less experience in a web browser where a meeting or a phone call is just as easy!  

You might also choose this option if you’re having trouble downloading the app (it might be disallowed by your IT system).  You can use either Edge or Chrome browsers.  The feature is not available in Internet Explorer.

  • Click the Join on the web instead button.

Join on the web interface

  • Teams will ask you to allow use of your microphone and camera for the session. Click Allow so others can see and hear you in the meeting.  

Allow mic and camera

  • Enter your name (so the other participants know who you are when you connect) and click Join now.
  • You’ll join the meeting straightaway (or receive a message that someone in the meeting should let you in soon!)
  • At any time during the meeting you can mute your camera or microphone.

Already have the Teams app?

Either you’re on Teams already or you have previously downloaded and retained the app in your system).  In either case you can click:

  • on the Launch it now link and sign in; or
  • the meeting link in the email invitation will automatically launch the Teams app and you will be asked to sign in there.

Can I use the telephone to connect to a session?

Yes! You can use either a landline or mobile phone at any time.  You might want to use a phone as an alternative where the online connection is interrupted or drops out.

Instead of clicking the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link, on your telephone:

  • Dial the number listed below the link for your country (NOTE: It is a toll-free number)
  • Enter the meeting PIN provided, followed by the # key and follow the voice-over instructions to join the meeting.

Join meeting by phone

NOTE  If there is no number listed for your country, you can get a list of 44 countries and dial-in numbers for each by selecting the Local numbers link.

Local numbers

Some Dos & Don'ts of Video Conferencing Etiquette

Before the meeting

  1. Arrive early and prepare for the meeting to start, giving you time to settle down and get acquainted with the interface. Your late or hasty connection or your difficulties with connecting once the meeting has started will just hold up the meeting.
  2. It is a good idea to do a video and audio check before the meeting begins to ensure that everyone can hear you. Make sure your audio output is set to the correct device (i.e. set to your headset, if you are wearing one).
  3. Your camera needs to be positioned properly. It should not be too high or too low. Make sure your whole face (not your forehead or your chin) is visible on the screen You can check this by looking at the mini-view of yourself in the on-screen window for the meeting.
  4. Ensure you have proper lighting for clear video transmission and to ensure you are visible to all the other participants.

During the meeting

  1. Ensure you present yourself in a way that you feel comfortable being in front of other meeting participants. At XRB offices you will most likely appear on a large screen in a meeting room (instead of on another PC), so please keep in mind your clothing, personal presentation, the background of the room you are in, and your movements during the meeting. These are much more noticeable when you are ‘in camera’ as opposed to attending a meeting in person.
  2.  Use attentive body language—sit up straight, don’t make big extraneous movements, and don’t let your eyes wander too much.
  3. Be courteous to other participants. Introduce yourself before speaking so that everyone knows who's talking and can address you by name. Take note of the other speakers so that you can also address them by name.
  4. Don't shout. If someone can't hear you, then adjust the level on your microphone and make sure it's not covered by your clothing or something else. Yelling will cause viewers to turn down their volume and potentially miss what you have to say.
  5.  Don't interrupt other speakers. Wait for an opening in the conversation.
  6. Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking or speaking to someone else at your location or if you need to type. This avoids extraneous noises from entering the meeting audio feed. Remember to un-mute when you need to speak, though. Put your smartphone on silent and we suggest no texting. Alert others around you that you are in a video call or go to a quiet space with minimal potential disruption from other feeding into the meeting.
  7. If you need to leave the meeting for any reason or need to have a break, then let the meeting know when you will be back and mute your camera and sound during your absence.

Note that the Teams app requires you to be able to install on your device a piece of software which connects to your Internet Browser called a ‘plug-in’. You may need permission to install this on your work PC, or it may be disallowed in terms of your organisation’s IT policies.

Before the call, check with your IT Team to be sure you can download the plug-in and fully participate in the meeting.

Otherwise, if you cannot install the plug-in you will still be able to join the meeting but using a web browser or telephone instead.