Posted 19 months ago
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A note from our new Chair, Michele Embling

Michele EmblingHaving been a member of the Board since the inception of the XRB, it is a privilege to Chair the XRB through the next phase of its evolution. 

We are fortunate to have a talented and dedicated staff team, our three boards are well-served by high calibre individuals working in the public interest and we have built a solid reputation as an organisation that listens, consults, influences and works cooperatively with others. 

We will need to harness all of our skills as we face into the opportunities and challenges ahead — both international and domestic.  Two key areas of focus for the next 5 years are

(1) the development of extended external reporting (EER); and

(2) monitoring and responding to major disruptions and developments in the international and domestic environment that impact the financial reporting supply chain, particularly the audit market. 

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