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NZASB Updates 2020

NZASB Update 5/2020

Upcoming NZASB meeting, IASB Discussion Paper, COVID-19 response...

NZASB Update 4/2020

XRB's COVID-19 Response, NZASB March meeting, <IR> Framework Review

NZASB Update 3/2020

New revenue and transfer expense proposals

NZASB Update 2/2020

NZASB February meeting review, IASB General Presentation and Disclosures, More on EER...

NZASB Update 1/2020

Upcoming NZASB Meeting, new versions of standards available, IASB ED released, Service Performance Reporting guidance available and more....

NZASB Updates 2019

NZASB Update 19/2019

NZASB December meeting review, changes at the top....

NZASB Update 18/2019

Upcoming NZASB December meeting, new IFRS guidance IAS 8, climate-related disclosures...

NZASB Update 17/2019

NZASB October meeting review; New XRB Chief Executive; Interest rate benchmark reform (2); Amendments to EG A1.

NZASB Update 16/2019

Upcoming NZASB October meeting, Targeted Review, Materiality Judgements

NZASB Update 15/2019

NZASB September Meeting review, for-profit omnibus amendment, withdrawal of PBE FRS 46, business combinations...

NZASB Update 14/2019

Upcoming NZASB September meeting, IPSASB ED 69, Climate-related risks...

NZASB Update 13/2019

PBE amending standard issued, Targeted Review webinar

NZASB Update 12/2019

NZASB August meeting review, summary work plan & appointments, three new EDs for comment, Targeted Review webinar scheduled

NZASB Update 11/2019

Upcoming NZASB August Meeting, IASB Accounting for deferred tax

NZASB Update 10/2019

NZASB June Meeting review, New standards issued, IFRS 17 again, update on Incorporated Societies review

NZASB Update 9/2019

Upcoming NZASB June meeting, IASB Exposure Draft

NZASB Update 8/2019

New XRB short videos, IASB Annual Improvements ED, Follow us on LinkedIn

NZASB Update 7/2019

NZASB May Meeting review, XRB A1 changes, new consultations...

NZASB Update 5/2019

NZASB March Meeting review, new standards and ED issued, accounting standards updated with new versions, IASB Disclosure Initiative and more...

NZASB Update 4/2019

Upcoming NZASB March meeting, XRB releases EER Position Statement...

NZASB Update 3/2019

NZASB February Meeting review, PBE Insurance, Seminar review, IFRS Supporting materials now available

NZASB Update 2/2019

Upcoming NZASB February meeting, IPSASB ED 67, New submissions upload process

NZASB Update 1/2019

Upcoming NZASB February meeting, NZ IFRS 16 effective, PBE leases seminar, webinars

NZASB Updates 2018

NZASB Update #26

NZASB December meeting, new standards issued, new EDs out for comment, PBE Financial instruments webinar recording

NZASB Update #25

NZASB December meeting, PBE Financial instruments, IFRS 17 one-year deferral

NZASB Update #24

NZASB October meeting, 2018 PBE Omnibus amendments, PBE Combinations webinar

NZASB Update #21

NZASB September meeting, Recent approvals, IPSASB appointment

NZASB Update #20

Board meetings, Simple format reporting, New IPSASB ED, New XRB blog

NZASB Update #19

NZASB August Meeting postponed, Canadian AcSB survey on APMs

NZASB Update #17

New standards issued, Explanatory Guides updated, FMA Accounting estimates, New NFP Update

NZASB Update #16

June meetings, IASB DP, PBE Omnibus Amendments, FMA Report

NZASB Update #15

NZASB June meeting, IFRS Quiz, Special Purpose Financial Reporting Framework

NZASB Update #14

2018 NZ Conceptual Framework issued, FRS-42 amended, compilation error corrected

NZASB Update #12

New amending standard, Accounting policy changes, More on leases

NZASB Update #10

Accounting for Leases seminars, Feedback survey reminder

NZASB Update #9

Limited scope amendments to simple format reporting, events & webinar

NZASB Update #8

New amending standard, February meeting, Upcoming webinar

NZASB Update #7

IPSASB Strategy and Work Plan; IPSASB Leases

NZASB Update #5

NZASB ED 2018-1; NZASB February meeting; IPSASB Roundtables

NZAuASB Updates 2020

NZAuASB Update 5/2020

XRB COVID-19 Update, EER Assurance Guidance consultation, EDs out for comment

NZAuASB Update 4/2020

February meeting highlights, IESBA webinars and NZ outreach on NAS and Fees, and more...

NZAuASB Update 3/2020

Come and join with us to meet the new IAASB Chair, Tom Seidenstein

NZAuASB Update 2/2020

NZAuASB Meeting, 3 IESBA EDs released, Update on the IAASB’s auditor reporting PIR...

NZAuASB Updates 2019

NZAuASB Update 16/2019

Changes at the top, NZAuASB December Meeting review, Conforming amendments, LCEs feedback statement...

NZAuASB Update 15/2019

Upcoming NZAuASB December meeting, NZAuASB ED 2019-2, Ethics Update

NZAuASB Update 14/2019

NZAuASB October Meeting review, Auditing Accounting Estimates, Professional Scepticism, Global Ethics Webinar

NZAuASB Update 13/2019

Upcoming NZAuASB October meeting, Auditor's responsibilities, EER Assurance survey...

NZAuASB Update 12/2019

NZAuASB September Meeting review, webinar tomorrow, new process for sending us Modified Audit Reports

NZAuASB Update 11/2019

Upcoming NZAuASB September Meeting, latest blog and 1-minute survey, more webinars, short survey on LCEs and more...

NZAuASB Update 10/2019

NZAuASB July Meeting review, webinar on LCEs, IESBA ED on role and mindset released

NZAuASB Update 9/2019

Upcoming NZAuASB July meeting, New ED issued

NZAuASB Update 8/2019

NZAuASB June Meeting review, eCode launched, Let's talk technology...

NZAuASB Update 7/2019

Ethics made easy, New Auditor Rotation FAQs, Farewell to Rowena

NZAuASB Update 6/2019

Upcoming NZAuASB June Meeting, Quality Management Roundtable reminder, IESBA eCode, LCEs...

NZAuASB Update 5/2019

NZAuASB April Meeting review, Less complex entities, Quality Management...

NZAuASB Update 4/2019

Upcoming NZAuASB April meeting, Quality Management Roundtables & Webinar, IESBA ED, Professional Scepticism...and more

NZAuASB Update 3/2019

Some upcoming events you should attend and what’s open for comment...

NZAuASB Update 2/2019

NZAuASB February Meeting review, Blog post, Quality management, IAASB future strategy, New submissions process...

NZAuASB Update 1/2019

Do you know about the latest IAASB consultations?

NZAuASB Updates 2018

NZAuASB Update #14

NZAuASB December meeting, new standard issued, new auditor rotation requirements, revised descriptions of auditor responsibilities

NZAuASB Update #13

NZAuASB December meeting, updated descriptions, FMA 2018 Audit Quality Report

NZAuASB Update #12

NZAuASB October Meeting, Revised standard issued, professional scepticism, webinar recordings, new blog

NZAuASB Update #11

Next NZAuASB Meeting, New blog post, IAASB roundtable, Code of Ethics restructuring and more...

NZAuASB Update #10

NZAuASB September Meeting, two webinars of interest coming up...

NZAuASB Update #9

NZAuASB September meeting, New blog, ISA 315 ED roundtables

NZAuASB Update #8

NZAuASB July meeting, ISA 315 ED webinar and events, EER Assurance event

NZAuASB Update #7

Material Misstatement, Auditor Rotation, KAMS, NZAuASB July meeting

NZAuASB Update #5

IAASB future strategy, Next NZAuASB meeting

NZAuASB Update #4

New assurance publications, Reminder re auditor rotation, IESBA consultations

NZAuASB Update #3

April meeting highlights, IESBA 2019-23 strategy and work plan, 10-minute IFAC global survey

NZAuASB Update #2

New International Code of Ethics announced

NZAuASB Update #1

February NZAuASB meeting highlights, publications, IESBA fee survey

XRB Board Updates 2019

Webinar - Targeted Review of the NZ Accounting Standards Framework

The XRB seeks your feedback on the New Zealand Accounting Standards Framework

Accounting Standards Framework to be reviewed

XRB Board Updates 2018

XRB Stakeholder Survey reminder

Have you taken our survey?

Latest EER survey insights just out

EER Survey report, Tier 2 for-profit financial reporting

NFP Updates 2019

Not-for-profit Update #3

Review of accounting standards framework, Incorporated Societies review update, short explanatory videos, and more...

NFP Updates 2018