NZAuASB Update 11/2019

This NZAuASB Update provides you with an overview of the New Zealand Auditing and Assurance Standards Board’s recent activities, any new standards or FAQs, as well as other matters of interest.

NZAuASB Meeting

4 September 2019

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The next NZAuASB meeting will be held in Auckland. 

Matters to be discussed include:

  • The response to the IAASB’s discussion paper Audits of Less Complex Entities
  • The response to the IESBA’s proposed revisions to promote the role and mindset expected of professional accountants
  • Meeting with practitioners on audit matters; and
  • NZAuASB’s Strategic Action Plan

You can register to observe the meeting now and access the meeting papers on the XRB website. These are usually posted a week before the meeting date.

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We want your views on how best to describe the auditors’ responsibilities related to going concern in the interim review report. 

Read our latest blog post and have your say by completing our 1-minute survey.

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Webinar – Assurance Update

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Join the assurance team for a one-hour webinar on Wednesday 18 September 2019 to give you an overview of the developments in the auditing and ethical standards.

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Auditing Less Complex Entities – Short survey

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We have reported to you before that the IAASB is looking to further understand the challenges in using the ISAs in audits of less complex entities, and views about possible actions to address the challenges.

If you are not intending to  respond to the IAASB’s Discussion Paper, Audits of Less Complex Entities: Exploring Possible Options to Address the Challenges in Applying the ISA, we encourage you to take our short survey instead.  It will take you less than 5 minutes.

Your responses are important and will help the NZAuASB better understand the issues and challenges associated with auditing LCEs, so that the views of our New Zealand stakeholders can be effectively represented in the early stages of this IAASB Project.

The survey is open until 22 August 2019, so be in quick! It is based on a survey issued by the IAASB and contains all the IAASB questions, as well as some additional New Zealand ones.

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Webinar - Auditing Less Complex Entities

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Thank you also to all those who participated in our webinar last week on Less Complex Entities.

For those of you who missed it, you can access the webinar recording and the slides on our website.

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Have your say

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Now is your chance to have your say on the following topics:

How can I submit my views?

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Submit your documents or comments using the consultation page itself on the XRB website.

We have designed a secure online form to make your upload safe, quick and easy. The upload form will now appear with every consultation document open for comment.

We encourage you to use the new online submission process.

You can:

  • Upload an MS Word document (and a PDF file, if you wish); or
  • Write your comments directly in the comments field provided.

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