Consultation and Engagement

We are working to develop the disclosures in an iterative and collaborative way and so engagement with a wide range of stakeholders is important. 

In particular, we are interested in talking with and listening to:

  • Investors to understand your information needs 
  • Preparers to assess what data and information challenges may be experienced
  • Assurance providers to understand potential difficulties that may emerge when conducting assurance 

We are undertaking this through a variety of mechanisms including focus groups, workshops/events and when required, 1 to 1 engagement. 

We have published our first consultation document

On 20 October 2021 we published the Governance and Risk Management Consultation Document, seeking feedback to inform the development of the broader climate-related disclosures framework.

You can read more on this page

What we’ve heard so far  

Several key questions are emerging as part of these and other engagements, including:

  • What data and which scenarios will organisations be required to, or could, use to make their disclosures? What about the quality of that data, whether it will be freely available, and how reporting against that data would be assured so that it could be confidently relied upon? 
  • How will the climate-related disclosure standard relate to other reporting on broader environment, social and governance (ESG) matters, as well as reporting requirements in other sectors and from other agencies such as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, or local and international stock exchange listing requirements?

We are working our way through answers to these and other questions. This input is a critical part of our work to develop the disclosure standards and we encourage stakeholders to continue to provide ask questions and provide insights to inform our work. 

On 20 October we launched the Governance and Risk consultation document, which garnered many questions for the panelists that included Minister for Climate Change James Shaw and Minister for Commerce and Consumer Affairs David Clark.  

Questions and answers can be viewed here. This document will be updated frequently.

Please get in touch with any thoughts, questions or speaking requests and stay up to date by following us on LinkedIn. 


Upcoming events and speaking engagements: 


Governance NZ: Climate-Related Disclosures - Consultation on Governance and Risk Management – 1 November (Online)

Risk NZ Forum: Climate-Related Disclosures - Consultation on Governance and Risk Management – 2 November (Online)

INFINZ: Climate-Related Disclosures - Governance and Risk Management – 4 November (Online)

New Zealand Fund: Climate-Related Disclosures - Consultation on Governance and Risk Management – 8 November (Online)

49th One Stop Update for the Accountant in Business – 8-9 November (Wellington)

Decarbonising NZ Conference: The why, what, when and how of Aotearoa’s Climate-related Disclosures – 16 November (Online)

Emissions Accounting for the Financial Sector - 25 November (Online)

Get in touch 

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