Our Strategy

Our Vision:

New Zealand prospers through effective decision making for resource allocation informed by high-quality, trusted, and integrated reporting. 


Our Purpose

We enable high quality, trusted, and integrated reporting through the provision of robust frameworks and standards that are internationally credible, while being relevant to Aotearoa New Zealand so that reporting and assurance in New Zealand promotes trust, confidence, transparency and accountability. 







How we will deliver

Lead to ensure stakeholders understand the purpose and value or reporting standards and are informed of international developments.   Influence through debate and thought-leadership to promote improved reporting processes and ensure high-quality global standards that are both applicable in New Zealand and in the public interest.
Collaborate with stakeholders, with a greater emphasis on Māori, throughout the lifecycle of developing standards and ensure external reporting and assurance gaps are identified, understood, and addressed.   Respond to stakeholder input and the fast-changing external reporting landscape to ensure our frameworks, standards and guidance are robust and sustainable.