Not-for-profit Update #4

Resources on the impacts of COVID-19, Going concern disclosures, FAQs for Tier 3 Not-for-Profit Entities


Aimed at registered charities and other
not-for-profits, our Not-for-profit Update provides you an overview of recent External Reporting Board activities — with a focus on the financial reporting and assurance implications of COVID-19.

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In this issue we cover:

  • XRB Alert 2020-3— Spotlight on Going Concern Disclosures for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Not-for-Profit Entities
  • FAQs for Tier 3 Not-for-Profit Entities — Assessing and reporting on an entity’s ability to continue operating
  • Resources on the impacts of COVID-19 on financial reporting and auditing available on the XRB website.

XRB Alert—Spotlight on Going Concern Disclosures

 XRB Alert 2020-3 Cover

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XRB Alert 2020-3 provides you an overview of the responsibility of those charged with governance for the adequacy of going concern related disclosures provided in a not-for-profit entity’s financial statements.

It includes commentary on the requirements in the accounting standards and auditor expectations of compliance with going concern requirements.What is the impact on going-concern disclosures in response to COVID-19 for Tier 1 and Tier 2 not-for-profit entities?

Going concern uncertainty is a reality for many not-for-profit entities, so good disclosure is an opportunity to communicate that reality in a clear and transparent way.

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FAQs for Tier 3 Not-for-Profit Entities

Going Concern Disclosures in the Performance Report

 Tier 3 FAQs - Ability to keep operating cover

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This FAQ document will help the governing bodies of smaller Tier 3 not‑for‑profits understand their responsibility to assess and report on their entity’s ability to continue operating. How do I make an assessment on my entity’s ability to continue as a going concern?

What disclosures am I required to make in my entity’s Performance Report?

Uncertainty about the future is just as relevant for smaller entities as it is for larger entities. Clearly reflecting these uncertainties in your performance report is an important part of helping your donors, funders, and the wider public understand how your entity has been affected.  

If you are a Tier 4 not-for-profit entity, this Tier 3 FAQ document does not apply to you.  There is no requirement for Tier 4 entities to report information about your ability to continue operating, also called going concern.

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XRB website features Financial Reporting and Auditing Resources on COVID-19

 XRB website Information in Response to COVID-19 screenshot

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COVID-19 and the subsequent economic impact is having an unprecedented impact on the resources available for not-for-profit entities, the nature of their activities and services, and their ability to continue operating.

Preparers, auditors and those charged with governance will need to consider the current impact and ongoing risks arising from the COVID-19 pandemic in the financial statements of the organisations they are involved with.

Our website provides a range of useful financial reporting and auditing resources to assist preparers and auditors during this period of significant disruption and increased uncertainty resulting from the impact of COVID-19. 

We update these pages as useful new information comes to hand. 

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