Climate-related Disclosures

Governance and Risk Management Consultation Document

Aotearoa New Zealand Climate Standard 1: Climate-related Disclosures (NZ CS 1)

This consultation document focuses on the proposed Governance and Risk Management sections, Aotearoa New Zealand Climate Standard 1: Climate-related Disclosures (NZ CS 1)


We are seeking feedback on these sections of the proposed standard to inform their development as we work towards creating the broader climate-related disclosures framework. We are also working on the proposed sections for Strategy, and Metrics and Targets and intend to issue those for consultation in March 2022. 


The closing date for submissions on the consultation document is 22 November 2021.


Consultation Document

Climate-related Disclosures - Governance and Risk Management Consultation Document (download pdf).

You can also read our At a Glance version. 

NZ CS 1, and any other supporting standards, will be issued by the XRB subject to the final passage of the Financial Sector (Climate-related Disclosures and Other Matters) Amendment Bill (‘the Bill’). The Bill establishes a climate-related disclosure framework for New Zealand and is expected to pass in late 2021. 


Submissions on the consultation document can be viewed here


We have compiled a set of answers to questions asked at the Climate-related Disclosures launch event. You can read them here. We will be continually updating this document as more questions arise. 

Commenting on the Proposals

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All comments received will be given active consideration. We appreciate detailed comments, whether supportive or critical, as both are essential to a balanced view.  

The consultation document contains several questions provided throughout the document and summarised together in section 11. 

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