The Tier 4 Standard

What is the Tier 4 Standard?

The Tier 4 Standard is a set of rules that some organisations have to follow when they report their financial information. Not-for-profit entities such as registered charities can use the Tier 4 Standard if their annual operating payments (the amounts they spend) are less than $140,000.  

The Tier 4 Standard is cash-based meaning that entities only report on the cash they received and paid during the year, as well as some significant assets (things they own) and liabilities (things they owe) at the end of the year.

The Tier 4 Standard also requires organisations to report their mission, activities, outcomes and achievements, and any related party transactions. The purpose of the Tier 4 Standard is to help organisations communicate their performance and accountability to their stakeholders in a simple and clear way. 

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