Auditor Reporting

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The auditor’s report has changed, and this is effective for audits of financial statements ending on or after 15 December 2016.  Early adoption is permitted.

Here you will find:

Changed standards

These standards have changed.

> ISA (NZ) 700 (Revised)
> ISA (NZ) 701 (New)
> ISA (NZ) 570 (Revised)
> ISA (NZ) 705 (Revised)
> ISA (NZ) 706 (Revised)
> ISA (NZ) 260 (Revised)
> Conforming amendments to several other ISAs (NZ)
> ISA (NZ) 720 (Revised)

Implementation resources

These documents as well as the Frequently Asked Questions will help you understand and apply the changes.

  Frequently Asked Questions