NZ SRE 2410

Review of Financial Statements Performed by the Independent Auditor of the Entity

This page contains archived copies of the above standard. For the current version of this standard, please refer to NZ SRE 2410 (Revised) - Current version

Applicable for reviews of financial statements for periods as indicated. Also applies to subsequent annual reporting periods until that standard is superseded by a new/amended/revised standard. 

  • NZ SRE 2410 – Effective on 15 Dec 2016

    Date of issue: Dec 2013

    Date compiled: Oct 2016

  • NZ SRE 2410 – Periods ending
    31 Dec 2014

    Date of issue: Dec 2013

    Date compiled: Dec 2013

    Additional material: Explanation of Decisions made by the NZAuASB in Finalising NZ SRE 2410 – 1 Dec 2013