We are working to develop the disclosures in an iterative and collaborative way and so engagement with a wide range of stakeholders is important.


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Climate-related Disclosures Final Consultation

We are excited to announce that our third and final consultation on climate-related disclosures is now open. This consultation will be open for feedback until
27 September 2022 at 12pm.

Find our consultation document, exposure drafts and supporting documents here.

We would like to thank all stakeholders for the positive level of interest, engagement and involvement in our mahi to develop the disclosure standards.


Strategy and Metrics and Targets Consultation

This consultation is now closed.

On 16 March 2022 we published our second consultation document, which focuses on the proposed Strategy and Metrics and Targets sections of Aotearoa New Zealand Climate Standard 1: Climate-related Disclosures (NZ CS 1)

You can find the consultation document, submissions and other information here.


Governance and Risk Management Consultation

This consultation is now closed. 

On 20 October 2021 we published the the first of our consultation documents on Climate-related Disclosures, and received strong interest and engagement across the board. You can find the original consultation document and other information here


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